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For women who hunt and fish, our grown-up fairy tales are much different than the Disney-inspired cartoons of our youth. We’re not as concerned with dainty-waisted dresses as we are with finding outdoorsy clothing that actually fits. For sure, our fairy-godmother is looking out for us when we find stuff that reflects our passions.

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Your fairy-godmother might be looking out for you, too, if your special someone sees you more as warrior than princess. AND if he doesn’t shy away from the dirty work.

 He might be a keeper if he:


1. He Does the Laundry After a Bloody Hunt.

You’re not squeamish about blood, but let’s be honest, if your partner is kind enough to do some of cleanup, they’re a keeper. We enjoy getting done with cleaning the gun or sharpening the knives and coming in the house to find an already-spinning washing machine.



2. He Doesn’t Mind your Sweat-Soaked Smell.

You know the looks you get from shoppers if you’ve ever had to walk into a store after a long hunt. And you also know you have a hard time not smirking about your rude scent. Luckily, your significant other doesn’t mind the stench from being in the woods or on the water, and sometimes, actually finds your filth sexy.



3. He Can Crack Some Bones.

This one is not quite on par with getting complimented for your bowhunting ability, but it’s still a pretty sexy sound when a guy knows how to break a bone or cartilage. When you know that those goose, turkey or pheasant bones won’t slow him down, it’s better than any sweet nothing he could say.


4. He Doesn’t Hesitate with the Stinkbait.

There’s just something about catfishing, but stink bait isn’t for everyone. However, if he has no qualms about the wafting stench of stink bait, your better reel that one in.


5. He Isn’t Grossed out by a Little Gristle.

Everyone has a right to have an opinion about their food, but that doesn’t mean you have to agree with them. If that dude picks out the gristle or carves off the fat...you might want to rethink your romantic choices. 


6. He Fancies Filleting Fish.

Filleting fish together may not be the mainstream vision of love, but we know it means there’s a delicious, fresh-caught dinner on the way.


7. He Helps You Pull the Fishing Hook From Your Foot.

This one can be grouped with just about any other injury you may sustain while hunting or fishing. All joking aside, it’s quite a relief to know that your guy can handle any situation, including damage you my cause to yourself. For us outdoors ladies, safety is a big deal, and having a guy who can handle some sticky situations is essential.


He Can Grow a Beard.

There are some exceptions to this one. But we all know that a fully stacked beard, and a freshly-filled freezer make a man look mighty fine.


He Throws Fish Guts at You.

...just kidding, kind of.

Hen Outdoors

Hen Outdoors

Hen Outdoors Founder, Kari Ann, is an avid outdoors woman who's mission is to champion for women outdoors and inspire other women to do the same.

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