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Amanda Hyde exemplifies all the qualities that Hen Outdoors is excited to support about women in the outdoors: Hunting, family, and pride in her abilities.

Amanda grew up and currently lives in southwest Missouri. Hen Outdoors chose a photo of her duck hunting for December Hen of the Month Facebook photo. Amanda first began waterfowl hunting a few years ago with her husband. She was drawn in by the constant action, ability to move around, talk, eat snacks, and not worry about being scent-free (as in deer hunting).

“The ducks kept me coming,” she said. “It is such a rush when ducks fly in and finish with your decoys. I love reciprocating hunts, when the animal calls back to you. Listening to the ducks come in and watching them work gets my blood pumping. I spend the whole time smiling…and I’d say that’s a good thing.”

Amanda Hyde duck hunting

Amanda said that her husband is the planner and “I thank the Lord for him.” He runs through checklist multiple times to ensure they have everything they need including camera gear to capture special moments.

Amanda Hyde duck hunting - Hen Outdoors

A Partner for Life and for Hunting

To quote Amanda, she and her husband were married “in the middle of the rut in Missouri.” Their agreement was that instead of fancy anniversary trips, they would plan hunts and they look forward to bow season all year. The preparation of the season and their time spent in a tree stand is considered as their date time.

Their son recently killed his first buck during his first youth season and for Amanda, it was truly the best day of her life.

“There is nothing better,” said Amanda, “than the heart-pounding thrill that comes with hunting. Whether I’m drawing back on a doe, a massive buck, aiming at a turkey, or watching ducks settle, my heart is always pounding. Sharing that excitement with my family and hunting buddies compares to nothing.”

Amanda says that her family didn’t inherit any land or great hunting spots. The places they hunt are often the result of gracious friends, leased lands, public lands, or asking local landowners. The land they lease is a small piece of property near their home where their son harvested his first buck.

Amanda Hyde - Hen Outdoors - Hen of the Month

Inheriting a Tradition

Amanda grew up watching her dad deer hunt and tagged along whenever she could. For the first couple years, she hunted during rifle season before getting her first bow in early college. Then, the thrill of killing a 161” eight-point buck with her bow during her second archery season was enough to get her hooked. For the last 14 years, she has been bow hunting deer

She carries on the hunting tradition by mostly going after deer, turkey, and ducks. She is also has big plans in hoping for a spot-and-stalk Mule deer hunt, a trophy bass-fishing trip, an archery elk hunt, a red stagg, a few Arkansas pit blind duck dates, and of course, a moose hunt.

“A girl can dream right?!” said Amanda. “As for this season, I’m focused on becoming more confident with my duck call and dropping as many birds as I can.”

Advice for women who want to duck hunt

Amanda said that it’s incredibly important to get gear that will keep you warm. Being cold in the woods or in the duck blind is miserable and it seriously impedes your ability to have a good time. Having a good set of waders and lots of underlayers will help to keep you comfortable and make the trip more enjoyable.

Amanda uses Hot Hands because she hates to shoot with gloves. She also scored a three-layer Drake jacket on clearance which she never leaves behind. She’s in the market for a new gun since she currently uses her husband’s grandfather’s shotgun for duck hunting and wants to get that gun back in the safe.

A couple other important points: She says to practice loading your gun so you’re comfortable with your weapon and able to move quickly when the time comes. And don’t get discouraged: ducks are fast and hard targets to hit. You will need to learn as you go and make adjustments as needed.

And finally:  

“Pack snacks!” she said. “My husband calls me the Snack Queen and I’m not ashamed. Nobody wants to hunt with a “hangry” wife.”

Thank you to Amanda Hyde for letting us pick her brain about hunting! For a chance to be featured for Hen of the Month, submit your photo on our Facebook page at the end of the month.




Ashley Peters


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