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Let’s face it, most stores just don’t stock the same variety of duck hunting waders for women as they do men. (We hope that changes!) If you prefer trying on your waders before you buy them, your choices may be limited to expensive waders, not-properly-sized waders, or something slathered in pink. Sometimes, you just have to hop online and look for a better fit.

Think about layering

You’ll want to be sure that your waders are a little roomy. Although that might be a little annoying if it’s a warmer day, you’ll be happy to have room for thick wool socks, long johns, wool sweaters, and coats under your waders. Also, make sure you have a good waterproof shell to go over everything. You never know when you’ll get a cold rain, snow, or mixture of the two that will challenge your resolve. Having a windproof, waterproof shell can make all the difference.

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Listen to other ladies

For any waders you’re considering, read the reviews and determine the sizing from what other women are saying; NOT just from the sizing chart alone. A lot of women will post their measurements. For example: 5’ 6”, 140 lb.s, size 7 feet and often, they’ll note whether they have long legs or a long torso. Pay attention to the feedback that someone gives who is approximately your size. If they say that the boots were too big or the crotch is too low, regardless of the sizing chart, there’s a good chance the lady is telling the truth. Now, don’t forget to return the favor. When you finally do pick a pair to order, be sure to return to the website where you got them and leave some clues for your fellow outdoorswomen.


Consider buying an extra pair

Cold-weather waders can be a little cost-prohibitive depending on your budget. That said, it’s well worth it to have an extra pair with you on a trip. When you’re wading in cold waders, you want an extra pair of just about anything in case your waders leak – OR – if you fall in and get soaked.

Here’s the other trick – if you get some waders that are guaranteed, if they pop a hole, you can have the other waders to switch into while you’re waiting for the other pair to get fixed or replaced. There are a number of companies that guarantee their waders from 5 years to a lifetime.

We recommend:  BANDED Women's Breathable Insulated Waders

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Hen Outdoors

Hen Outdoors

Hen Outdoors Founder, Kari Ann, is an avid outdoors woman who's mission is to champion for women outdoors and inspire other women to do the same.

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