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International Waterfowl Hunting Trips

Most of us are aware of great destinations for duck hunting in the US and Canada. Below are just a few of the best international waterfowl hunting trips to find the ducks you’ve always dreamed of hunting.


For an international trip that’s a little closer to home, booking a trip to Mexico may get you to all the ducks you’ve been missing. Teal are a common bagged bird along with many other species you’re already familiar with including pintail, wigeon, canvasback, redhead, scaup, and gadwall. Try your luck though, and you might even bag a Mexican Mallard. Popular links:

South American destinations

  • Uruguay
  • A great destination for teal and pintail hunting. Book a trip between May and August for the best hunting and you will also get some great practice for your fall duck hunts once you get home. Popular links:


    Talk to anyone who hunted Argentina, and you’ll likely hear about the rosy-billed pochard. As David Denies puts it, “It flies like a canvasback, decoys like a mallard, and tastes like a filet mignon.”  There are also several species of teal - including speckled, silver, and ringed - along with red shoveler, Chiloe wigeon, yellow-billed and white-cheeked pintails, and a couple species of whistling ducks. Popular links:


    Many hunters visit Peru to hunt cinnamon teal since you can find one of the highest-volume cinnamon hunts in the world. On the other end of the numbers spectrum, you can book a trip to hunt a few of the unique Andes torrent duck, which lives at very high elevations of 10,000+ feet. With high elevations, you may also get a chance to hunt puna teal and sharpwing. You can get there early in the year with trip dates starting in April. Popular links:

    Push your limits:

  • Spain
  • Looking for a hunt where you can get out of the cold? Try a trip to Spain between December and April to get on some ducks while everything is freezing over back in the northern parts of the US and Canada. Popular links:


    Get a chance to hunt smew, tufted duck, Eurasian teal and wigeon, goldeneye, common eiders, white-winged and black scoter. Popular links:

    Australia and New Zealand

    Get to Australia to bag some pink-eared, maned, and black ducks as well as hardheads, grey and chestnut teal, hardheads, and don’t forget the Australian shovelers and shelducks. In New Zealand, you’ll get a shot at paradise shelducks, Pacific Black Ducks, Australian Shovelers; Magpie geese. Popular links:

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