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How to take your kids’ friends on a fishing trip 
Remember when you were a kid and you did everything with your best friend? Your own kids may feel that same way, and when you go fishing, they will want to bring that BFF along. So how do you handle it?

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We asked parents who fish for their advice about bringing a friend along:

Lower your expectations

Many parents say that fishing with kids is more enjoyable when they remind themselves to set aside expectations of catching a big fish, or being able to fish all day. Instead, they focus on being their kids’ guide. More often than not, when you put your energy into getting kids to catch the fish, then everyone has fun. Also, try to be patient with the new kid. She or he may have never touched a worm or fish before and this may be their one chance to try fishing.

Mix it up

Plan on trying to get the kids to fish, but have other activities planned as well, especially for younger kids. Your own kids might be able to fish for several hours, but adding your kid’s best friend can change things. Swimming, playing on the beach, or going for a hike can be good alternatives if fishing isn’t holding their attention.

Take pictures

There’s a good chance that you struggle alongside many other parents to limit kids’ screen time. If so, then fishing is one way to get them away from technology and introduce them to outdoor thrills. However, technology can occasionally be of good use when outdoors. For example, take pictures to help your kids (and your kids’ friends) to remember how much fun they had fishing. Even if the day was a bit of a bust, one good picture can alter kids’ memories to focus on the good instead of the bad.

Reward them

Most kids can become exhausted from being outside for a long time, but rewards go over well. Have plenty of snacks while fishing, have a good lunch packed, and then stop for a bite to eat or an ice cream cone on the way home. These can all be ways to help kids make it through the day.

What are some things you’ve learned about bringing your kids friend along?

We know that some answers include getting medical information beforehand, ensuring all kids have life jackets, bringing plenty of water, bring sunscreen, bug spray, band aids, etc. There are many things to be considered when going outside with kids. Whatever it takes though, your encouragement and guidance in getting little ones outside means that the future of hunting and fishing is bright.




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