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Fill your Instagram feed with these incredible lady hunters!

Fall is quickly approaching, and we’re all getting excited for hunting season. Not only will these pics and words from other lady hunters inspire you, you’ll also be supporting the rise of women in hunting.

Today, young women are 16% more likely to hunt and fish than young men. (That’s a real stat!)

When we cheer each other on and support hunting and habitat conservation, it’s a win for everyone. Oh, and Instagram is a great place for us to see new hunting opportunities, share tips, and connect with other women as we do what we love.

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Allie Butler

Amber Shank  

Amanda Caldwell

The hunt for this guy was incredible. It was the middle of the rut and after glassing a few bucks that morning, Erik and I decided to work our way to one of the draws where we had spotted a group of 6 hinds. We were only way half way up the gully when we heard him! Hearing his croak gave me goosebumps- I was so excited! Each Fallow is so unique and the thrill of the chase and curiosity overwhelmed me as we continued to work our way up the draw. We were able to stalk into 70 yards from the several of the hinds, and we could hear him croaking around the corner but he wouldn't come out to show himself. We had to change the game plan; slipping back 50 yards we found shrub cover to sneak through to get to a different vantage point. We were both in awe when we saw him! By far the biggest buck we had seen over the past few days and He was rutting hard chasing the hinds up and down the hill in front of us. It was a moment I'll remember forever. As majestic as he was running around, his movement was making it hard to get a clear shot. Fortunately, a opportunity presented when he stopped for a brief moment at 150 yards. I concentrated on my breathing, to steady it, as I did not have an ideal rest. I took a deep breath in, released, and "boom!" He went down in one single shot with the @kimberamerica 7mm-08. I couldn't have been happier. Such an incredible animal, I feel beyond blessed! #sitkawomens #yeti #kenetrekboots #stoneglacier

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Ashley Kurtenback

Bonnie McFerrin

Brittany Ruiz

Courtney Schnitzler  

Dani Nielson

First fish of the year happened to be a pretty good one! #RippinLips #HenOutdoors

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Heidi Swonger 

Jen O’Hara    

Jess Bond 

Jessica Taylor Byers  

Kari Irby

Katie Van Slyke 

Kristy Lee Cook

Lakeisha Woodard

Laura Schara 

Lauren Cole 

Lauren Kozak  

Lisa Leigh   

Mrs Puff 🐡 #flynibbler #flyfishing #litespeed

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Lori Lengle

Mia Anstine  

Shannon Swanson

Sarah Honadel  

Sereena Thompson 

Whitney Fouts 

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Hen Outdoors

Hen Outdoors

Hen Outdoors Founder, Kari Ann, is an avid outdoors woman who's mission is to champion for women outdoors and inspire other women to do the same.

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