10 Date Ideas to Sweep An Outdoors Girl Off Her Boots

by Hen Outdoors April 12, 2017

10 Date Ideas to Sweep An Outdoors Girl Off Her Boots

Fellas, girls really aren't that complicated...but just in case you're still convinced that they are, here are 10 epic date ideas for the outdoorsy girl in your life! You're welcome.

1. Take Her Hunting

Winner, winner, venison dinner! Unfortunately, you're limited to what's in season...but even if it's shooting ground squirrels, she's guaranteed to love it!

2. Take Her Fishing 

What's more romantic than sitting by a beautiful lake and ripping lip together? Plus, there's always the possibility of it getting hot enough to jump in! (Bathing suits optional?)

3. Take Her On A Back Country Drive

Jump in your truck and just drive! No plans, no destination...just windows down in the countryside!

*Bonus points if you let her pick the music and put her feet up on the dash.

4. Surprise Her With An Outdoors Picnic

Pack up her favorite food and drinks and set it on a blanket. It doesn't need to be fancy, dixie cups will do just fine!

5. Take Her Shooting

No season needed...Grab the shotguns, and go shoot some clays, maybe pack a picnic for after!

6. Take Her Mudding

Load up the four wheelers and head to a mud hole or take her in your truck!

*Bonus points if you let her drive!

7. Take Her Horseback Riding

What girl doesn't love horses? Even if you don't own any, there are always stables that offer lessons and trail rides. 

8. Light A Bonfire

Start a fire within her heart when you two cuddle around a bonfire...maybe add some wine or her favorite whiskey?

9. Lay Under The Stars With Her

Lay down a blanket and just stare at the stars, or her eyes!

*Bonus points if it's in the back of a truck!

10. Take Her On A Hike

Take a romantic hike through the woods to take in all that nature has to offer, you may even find some sheds!

It's not that we girls are incapable of doing these things ourselves... but effort is key here guys! So make some plans and surprise her! You've got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain, TRUST ME! 

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