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13 Reasons To Date A Camo Wearin Country Boy

by Hen Outdoors June 19, 2017

13 Reasons To Date A Camo Wearin Country Boy

Ladies, you won't find these guys hanging out at the bar on Friday night. (Cause they need to be in their tree stand by 5am) If these guys aren't out in the woods, then they're likely at home organizing their tackle box. But don't give up hope, here's 13 reasons why camo wearin country boys are worth the search!


1. He's a provider...just check his deep freeze.

ryley rerucha



2. He's got his safe AND under his sleeves.



3. He is easy to shop for cause anything camo will do.

Hunting Gifts



4. He comes with home decor.

women elk hunting



5. He’s handy, just call him Mr. Fix It.

mr. fix it



6. He ain’t afraid of least not when you're watching...




7. He's gotta little dirt on his boots and that's sexy!



8. You can go on blind dates blind, deer blind, turkey name it.

duck  blind

See more tank tops like this one!



9. He's rugged on the outside.



10. But a gentleman on the inside...



11. Because he learned how to love a woman by listening to George Strait.



12. He’ll raise your kids up right, hunting and fishing!



13. He comes with a cute dog...or 10.

Real Girls Run Hounds


It's not that women can't do these things on their own because women definitely can! (Just check out the Hen Outdoors facebook page to see real women KILLIN IT outdoors!) But you can't deny that these things are a definite bonus!

Hen Outdoors


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