2 Men Shot While Reaping

by Hen Outdoors April 18, 2017

2 Men Shot While Reaping

"Reaping" is a popular technique among hunters who prefer to be on the move rather than sit in a blind all day. Crouched behind a mobile turkey decoy, you can get up close and personal with your quarry, by scooting your way to them, and then shooting.

But opening day in Kansas did not go as planned for three Arkansas men who set out turkey hunting in Girard, Kansas when one man shot the other two by mistake.

The accident happened on private property west of Girard in Crawford County. The sheriff was notified when the shooter and the two injured men arrived at the hospital in Girard with life threatening injuries to their face and upper body. They were later life-lifted to the trauma unit at Freeman Hospital West in Joplin.

According to the shooter, he fired his 12 gauge shotgun at what he thought was a turkey around 8:40am. As it turns out, it was the other two men, who were "reaping" behind a turkey fan. (Like the ones pictured below)

The names and the current condition of the men, have not been released.

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