Going Turkey Hunting?

by Lindsay H April 06, 2017

Going Turkey Hunting?

Last week you’ll remember we discussed some fantastic tips for upcoming spring gobbler and I can’t be alone in getting energized for the season.  Now that we know some gobbler hunting secrets we should start thinking about what we should pack for our trip into the woods.  Since you may be doing a lot of walking, it’s important to pack light and keep to the essentials.  Forget something, and you could hinder your hunt in a drastic way.  Here are some of the essentials to load into your turkey vest for the big day.


  1. Food and Water

Sure, this one is obvious but have you thought about how your food and water is packaged?  I like to wrap a sandwich or granola bar in paper towels so that the sound of crinkling plastic doesn’t scare off any potential turkeys.  If you are planning on being out all day, look into a hydration pack for silent water consumption. 

  1. Calls

It is important to not rely on just one type of call as you never know the situation you will be placed in.  Be sure to pack at least 2 types to give you optimal chance of bringing in that gobbler.  Crow and owl calls also can come in handy so having one, or both, could greatly benefit you depending on the time of day you are hunting. 

  1. Choke and Ammo

Both go without saying but other than your gun, license and tags, and camouflage clothing, are the next essentials for turkey hunting.  

  1. Gloves and Face Mask

Since it is spring, I like to use a mesh face mask so that I can stay cool and camouflage my skin from any potential turkeys.  Don’t forget about your hands too as they will stick out like a sore thumb compared to your camouflaged body.        

  1. Decoys

There are so many fantastic collapsible decoys on the market now!  Be sure to pack a couple along with an extra stake in case one breaks.  While you can hunt without decoys, some gobblers prefer to see a hen as they approach and your decoy can do just that.

  1. Important Accessories

Even if you are hunting where you have for years, there is always a chance of going off course.  Be sure to have minimal survival items like a compass, first aid kit, and a pocket knife.  Flashlights are useful for those dark hours and if your vest does not have a built in seat pad, bring along something to sit on or you could be sore by the end of the hunt.  


Don’t forget that turkeys can see and hear exceedingly well!  Keep this in mind when you are packing and be aware of what items make noise, along with what items may create glints from sunlight.  The season is approaching quickly, what do you pack in your spring turkey vest?    

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