PETA Attempts to Save Face After Facebook Frame Burn

by Hen Outdoors August 28, 2017

PETA Attempts to Save Face After Facebook Frame Burn

(If you were living under a rock and missed it, see here: PETA LAUNCHES ANTI-HUNTING FRAME FOR FACEBOOK AND GETS TROLLED IN THE MOST EPIC WAY)



After THOUSANDS of hunters trolled the PETA frame, they are now trying to save face.

“It’s not every day that thousands of hunters throw their support behind PETA, but that’s exactly what happened when we launched our ‘Shoot Selfies, Not Animals’ Facebook frame earlier this week,” said PETA 

PETA claims it received 50 percent more ‘likes’ and that over 250,000 people used the frame.

"PETA owes a big thank-you to the would-be trolls who are spreading our message of compassion,” said Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “The supportive messages are pouring in from kind people who agree that only bullies or cowards get their kicks from gunning down beautiful wild animals.”

PETA then took aim at CHILDREN insinuating they would become serial killers.

"Nearly every serial killer and school shooter killed animals before moving on to humans,” claimed PETA.


How ironic that PETA goes after hunters considering it kills more animals than they save.

Nice try, PETA, nice try...


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