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Are you a lady hunter? A fisherwoman? A lady archer? A Hounds Woman?

Whatever your outdoor passion, we have apparel to fit YOU!

Hen Outdoors offers you clothing and accessories, designed by outdoor girls for outdoor girls. We understand that hunting and fishing are not just hobbies, it's a way of life! If you like to spend your weekends blending in to the woods, it's time to STAND OUT with Hen Outdoors!

 *A note from our founder*

Hey all! Kari here. As you already may know, I love hunting, fishing, archery, animals, and anything outdoors. (I could go on, but I'll spare you!) If you're like me, you're caught somewhere between tom-boy and girly-girl and there are very limited clothing options for us in between girls. I started Hen Outdoors because I always had a hard time finding shirts that represented who I am and what I love. With Hen Outdoors, you can rep your passion while still looking cute. I hope you enjoy our designs as much as I do! Here's to all the girls out there who ain't afraid of getting dirty and who still look cute doing it! 

Happy Hunting & Fishing,

Kari Ann Irby

Kari Ann Irby

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